Pythagoras Solutions
Your partner for regulatory compliance solutions

Pythagoras is a Swiss software specialist for client management and regulatory compliance solutions. Since 2005 we have provided several hundred clients worldwide with solutions that ensure the highest confidentiality and security for your data. Based on real-world experience, our modular and flexible client management and screening solutions supports you with a fully transparent configuration to meet your compliance requirements.




We offer consulting, implementation and support for our solutions. Your requirements concerning risk control and compliance need to be clearly understood to ensure the sustainable and efficient operation of your business. For this purpose, we are working together with leading data providers, partners and compliance specialists and we support enterprises of all sizes and industries to implement suitable compliance solutions. Our efficient client services team will assist you with all your technical queries and guarantee a direct and personal communication.


Your partner data is at the core of your business and can contain account holders, beneficiary owners, company directors, employees, vendors, suppliers, agents, intermediaries and any other counterparty in relationship with your organization. The Pythagoras software modules are integrated with each other and can be used in different combinations within the same user interface. New modules can be added at any time as required. The flexibility of our solution allows for detailed adjustments in configuration to cover individual requirements and specifications.


Pythagoras Solutions are used in a wide range of industries and jurisdictions. Our compliance solutions are used mostly in the financial industry, such as banks, insurances, fund service providers, money exchange and remittance or asset management, but also in auditing firms, trading companies, law enforcement and regulators. 

Additionally, compliance is getting increasingly important for vendor and supply chain management, shipping, immigration processing, government departments and even for employee due diligence. Our client management system is widely used in wealth management but can be applied to all industries in which personal client relationships and services based on detailed data are essential.