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How to add members to the Portal

A short manual how to add further members to the Portal

Hello Portal member

Let us explain quickly how to invite other colleagues of your company to join the Pythagoras portal by inviting them from your profile page. At first, only your application manager as the owner of your portal account can invite members.

If you are „only“ member and want the right to invite other members, contact your application manager (owner) to change your role to an administrator.

As Owner or Administrator you can scroll down on your profile page until you see the section to “Add Group Members”:



Managing members – Adding & removing

Releasing the sign-in email to new members

Fill in the required information. Then, click “Add Member” and by default, the new member will receive a sign-up email with a link to set her/his password. If  you tick the box to disable the invite email, you have to inform your colleague about their user login and password by other means.

New users will be shown as “invited” until they set their password and log in for the first time.

By default, new users will have a member status that allows them to see all the portal content.

Managing Members with administrator rights

As owner you will see an overview of all the users within your company on your profile page.

You can remove users who should not have access to the portal anymore, e.g., because they left or changed to other departments.

You can also make some of your colleagues administrators, so they can also manage members. Click on the „set as admin“ link to change the member role to Administrator. This adds only the right to manage further members.

By default, new users will have a “Member” status that allows them to see all the content in the portal.


Importing users by .csv

There is an option to import more users at once with a CSV file, download the example and fill in the required information. For more than 20 users, please get in touch with us and we will help to set them up.

We are grateful for feedback and ideas about what to include or improve. Whenever there is a problem with this procedure, please, get in touch with us by email on info@pythagoras-solutions.ch !

Your Pythagoras Team

Christine Winkler