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Introduction to the Pythagoras Portal

Instruction for Portal Users

Dear Pythagoras customer

The Pythagoras Portal offers useful information and resources for our clients and their users, such as user manuals, release notes, FAQ as well as important news around our Pythagoras Solutions.

The Pythagoras Portal is currently only available in English, but some documents for download are available in other languages, like german, french and italian.

Your application manager and main contact person for Pythagoras, who is the “Owner” of your company’s portal account, will send you an invitation email that allows you to sign up in our Pythagoras Portal.

The email will contain a link to set your password, click on it and follow the instructions on the screen to set your password.


Once done, click on the “PORTAL” button on the top right:

Screenshot Pythagoras Website Portal Entry_EN

This will lead you into the portal.

Subsequently, you always find the login page with the portal button on our homepage.

Login and edit your profile

The portal button leads you to our standard login page, where you can sign in with the same credentials:


Once logged in, you will find your profile by clicking on the avatar icon on the top right:



You can upload your profile picture and edit your account information. Your email is your login name; it should not be changed.


To upload a profile picture, click „browse„and select an image from your files. Then click “update profile.”


The picture will be shown only then, in original size, and as a thumbnail. If all is ok, refresh the page, and you will see your profile picture at the top on the right.

Otherwise, you could change it to another image.

All set, now you can browse through the Portal.

Overview of Portal content

Dashboard-Menu.pngThe DASHBOARD is the entry page of our Portal. It shows the latest news and some shortcut links to the most popular content at a glance.

Please, feel free to browse through the Portal columns:

NEWS: New articles appear and past news articles stay collected here.

SOLUTIONS : General information about Pythagoras modules, such as brochures and functional descriptions.

USER MANUALS: User manuals and guidelines for your daily work with the Pythagoras solutions.

RELEASE NOTES: Stay up to date on new features and functions in new Pythagoras versions to plan your upgrades.

SUPPORT: Explanations and a particular form to request support.

FAQS: Useful answers to common questions and how to troubleshoot simple problems.


We hope, the Pythagoras Portal will support you in your daily work, and we are grateful for feedback and ideas.

For sure, it will grow over time as we will add more and more documents and articles.

Enjoy the discovery of our new Portal.


The Pythagoras Team

Christine Winkler