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Regulatory compliance consulting and implementation

Consulting and Specification

Your requirements concerning risk control and compliance need to be clearly understood to ensure sustainable and efficient operation of your business. In a series of meetings and workshops with all the involved stakeholders we work together on your requirements and objectives. The specifications evolving from this will be set in a project plan. Based on this an appropriate solution will be designed to suit your specifications and procedures. We will regularly follow up and review your needs to see if adjustments or changes become necessary.

According to the project plan, specifically designed for you, a Pythagoras project manager will install our solution, with the help of your IT department in your IT environment. We share all necessary knowledge about user management and maintenance with your IT and provide trainings for your users. Before going live the solution is tested and adjusted during an UAT. Afterwards our support team will continue to assist you on all questions related to our solution.

For maximum confidentiality the client can choose to make the implementation by himself. In a specific workshop with Pythagoras, your compliance and IT experts develop the specification and learn how to implement our solutions themselves. Over several days they are trained in all aspects and are then able to deploy the solution, train your users and provide 2nd level support within your organization.


Pythagoras Solutions are easy to integrate in any existing IT infrastructure. They are designed to run with lean resources and minimal maintenance. Connection to existing systems is based on simple data transfer, avoiding complex integration programming. Our software runs on Microsoft Server or Desktop OS versions and SQL platforms and is scale-able from a single user stand-alone installation on a laptop to a multinational solution with thousands of users.

The Stand-Alone installation allows you to operate Pythagoras with one user at a time. A single computer or a server may be utilized for installation. This option can be useful for smaller organizations with a manageable volume of customers, or as a local solution where specific (regulatory) needs have to be met.

The installation of a Client-Server-Solution enables you to use our solutions easily and simultaneously with several users – even at different locations. It is the most flexible solution and offers for the users the same comfort and safety managed by your central IT department in terms of security, backup, availability and maintenance.

Available on request for special projects, please contact our sales team for detailed information.


Our efficient client services team will assist you with all your technical queries and guarantee a direct and personal communication. We support our clients at all stages of the installation process and afterwards during the entire license period. For any questions, our support team is just a phone call away.

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