Connect Pythagoras to your own systems

The Pythagoras API is an interface module, which allows extended and complex integrations with 3rd party systems based on a standardized set of communication methods. The client can develop their own front-end for their system according to internal requirements. The API can then be called to request data and execute certain functions.


Key Features

  • Development based on the .NET framework
  • Request Channel to retrieve structured results using a predefined set of methods
  • Notification Channel provides structured information about process results and status changes
  • Testing tool to verify connections and functionality during implementation or maintenance
  • Supports large numbers of users who need to use specific functionalities
  • Calls are executed, and responses received with a transparent XML file structure.

Main Advantages

  • Deployed together with Pythagoras modules in your IT infrastructure, ensuring the highest data security
  • Request information and execute screenings from 3rd party applications to fit into your workflow
  • Notifications triggered by Pythagoras can be used to perform actions in 3rd party applications, such as alerts or messages
  • User management and authorization is managed within Pythagoras, giving access based on user needs
  • Screening requests can be executed as zero-footprint screening or saved directly into the database
  • Cost effective compared to deployment of large numbers of client PCs

Pythagoras Name Check

Enables a web-browser based ad-hoc name search function to be distributed to a large group of users within your organization's intranet. As an out-of-the-box feature based on our API it saves you the cost and time to develop your own Web Application.

  • Allows a quick search at multiple locations (e.g. customer service counters)
  • No need for client PC installations
  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • View and print report function

Download our 2-page overview of this solution and ask us for a Demo