Partner Screening - Automated KYC compliance and systematic monitoring of watch lists

Pythagoras Partner Screening ensures efficient detection and steady monitoring of business relationships with high-risk persons or entities. It automates background checks against reference data of your choice and monitors for updates, enabling your compliance team to concentrate on case management. The native character screening capability supports global deployment while meeting local needs.

Key Features

  • Supports different sources of reference data, such as World-Check, Dow Jones, SHAB, Wealth-X
  • Flexible configuration of screening rules and filters (sanction and OFAC lists, PEP screening etc.)
  • Automated data updates and Batch Screening overnight
  • Ad-hoc screening option
  • Multi department / branch setup possible through segregated access hierarchy
  • Maker-Checker function for all decisions possible (4-eye-principle)
  • Analytics tool for hits and configurable rating algorithm
  • Multiple languages for user interface

Main Advantages

  • Deployed solution ensures data security, no internet connection required
  • Highly efficient screening engine can vet up to 1 million records / hour
  • Advanced screening engine and configurable settings reduces false positives
  • Fully transparent screening rules, configurable according to your compliance needs
  • Highlighting of secondary criteria matching, such as date of birth, nationality, domicile to better recognize relevant hits
  • Short implementation period and easy maintenance
  • Complete audit trail and tamperproof history
  • Data integration by file transfer works in any environment
  • Best practice case management work flow
  • Powerful report tools for regular and ad-hoc reports
  • Scalable from a single user installation to a multinational deployment with thousands of users

Native Character Screening

Integrated ability to screen names in non-latin characters for more precise results, avoiding ambiguous transliteration. This helps to meet local needs, especially in Asia, and enables global deployment.

  • Supports over 30 native scripts, among them:
  • Chinese (simplified and traditional), Japanese, Korean, Cyrillic, Arabic, Thai and more
  • Recognizes Chinese Commercial Code
  • Allows individual settings for each native character script
  • Comments and remarks can be entered in native character script

Pythagoras Name Check

Optional module that enables a web-browser based ad-hoc name search function to be distributed to a large group of users within your organization's intranet.

  • Allows a quick and zero-footprint search at multiple locations (e.g. door access, customer service counters)
  • Selection of several reference sources available
  • No need to manage client PC installations or user management
  • Easy and intuitive to use with any standard web-browser
  • Search threshold and secondary identifiers can be used to narrow or widen results
  • View and print report function available