Transaction Monitoring - AML system to analyze the plausibility of all transactions

Pythagoras Transaction Monitoring takes client information from the Pythagoras database with transaction information from the accounting system and processes them together through a pre-determined set of rules. These rules are defined by your organisation any deviation from normal or plausible transactions will be alerted and can be documented. Integration with the Partner Screening and Transaction Screening modules in Pythagoras Solutions enables a detailed picture of the financial circumstances of clients, all while fulfilling regulatory requirements at the same time.

Key Features

  • Multiple groups of rules available, based on practical
    experience in the financial industry
  • Analysis of business cases regarding plausibility to detect abnormal activities
  • Flexible and transparent configuration of rules, parameters and limits, to fit any scenario
  • Option to integrate Client Profile, build peer groups, define individual limits and link all data in the system
  • Deployed solution ensures data security, no internet connection required
  • Multiple Languages for user interface


Main Advantages

  • Daily update with accounting data ensures timely detection of anomalies
  • Standard set of rules can be selected or individual rules specifically configured according to in-house risk management and procedures
  • Workflow and task assignment for follow up on alerts and documentation requirements
  • Automatic report generation in various formats possible, such as Excel, PDF, csv
  • Definition of dependencies and correlations between various rules
  • Detection of unusual flow of funds over a period of time (e.g. smurfing)
  • Set up of peer groups of clients to compare transactions with an average of the group