Transaction Screening - Our anti money laundering compliance program for payment screening

Real-time pre-clearing transaction screening enables the identification and management of all parties involved in payments. Pythagoras Transaction Screening compares the payment information against a predefined set of reference data of your choice. The learning system remembers reoccurring parties, but will continue to monitor them for changes in the reference data. Our solution ensures that every hit only needs to be processed once, and includes special rules to screen any remittance text.

Key Features

  • Supports different sources of reference data, such as World-Check, Dow Jones, SHAB and others
  • Flexible configuration of screening rules and filters (sanction and OFAC lists, PEP screening etc.)
  • More precise screening results through management of black- and whitelists
  • High capacity and speed through regular pre-screening of known counterparties
  • Deployed solution ensures data security, no internet connection required
  • Multiple languages for user interface


Main Advantages

  • Pre-clearing screening, clarifications can be made before sending the payment to the gateway
  • Processing of various SWIFT or other payment message formats possible
  • Robust data interface via xml file or API
  • Memorizing of decisions - no rescreening of reoccurring counterparties necessary
  • Highly efficient screening engine with up to 1 million records / hour
  • Fully transparent screening rules, configurable according to your compliance needs
  • Screening rules for name information and remittance text can be configured separately, for better results.
  • Different treatment of outgoing and incoming transactions possible
  • Screening for further categories as vessels, ports, dual use goods
  • Recognizes Chinese Commercial Code or Passport Numbers