ESG Management

Implement your ESG risk strategy in the supply chain


  • Automation of the risk assessment of partners, suppliers and customers

  • Flexible adaptation of ESG criteria to the operational priorities of risk management

  • Individual workflows for due diligence processes and rating management

  • Dashboard overview of supply chain status and ongoing improvement processes

  • Complete documentation of the procedure and measures for internal and external audit bodies

  • Smart compliance


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Advantages of the Pythagoras ESG Management Module

Various data sources
Various data sources

Integration of various internal and external data sources for KYS assessments


Individual assessments of a wide range of ESG parameters according to your needs.

Design ohne Titel-39

Implementation of workflows that support your individual corporate structure.


Complete traceability for audits and tamper-proof history.

Discover the Functions of the

ESG Management module


Risk Management

Automated risk score calculation.


Individually select and weigh ESG parameters.

Control system

Adapt any workflow automatically and ad-hoc to your company structure.

Alerting & Notification

Setting any notifications.


Automatic updating of data and overnight batch processing.

More about ESG management

From the end of 2024, ESG will entail far-reaching obligations for companies, consequences in the event of non-compliance and opportunities for companies. Terms such as environmentally friendly sustainability, carbon footprint, humanitarian, ethical and responsible investments are moving further into focus. This requires an ESG integration strategy along the ESG legal framework for compliance and documentation. In principle, companies with more than 1,000 employees must comply with a range of obligations. In addition, the EU plans to create a comparable, transnational ESG legal framework within the next four to five years. But in other countries, the number of employees is sometimes lower or depends on turnover. In the United Kingdom, for example, the benchmark is from 250 employees or a turnover of 36 million pounds sterling.

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