Flexible module for plausibility analysis of transactions

  • Comparison of transaction data from your accounting system according to predefined rules.

  • User-defined rule sets allow you to detect discrepancies and document transactions.

  • Integration with Pythagoras modules such as Partner Screening and Transaction Screening for a comprehensive picture of your customer's financial situation.

  • Compliance with all regulatory requirements for secure and transparent financial management.

Benefits of Pythagoras Transaction Monitoring


High data security through local installation


Plausibility analysis of business cases to detect unusual activities

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Flexible and transparent configuration of rules, parameters and limits for each scenario

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Prompt detection of anomalies through daily updates with accounting data

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Ability to integrate customer profiles, create customer segments, set limits and link all data

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Any deviation from normal or plausible transactions is reported

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Ability to automatically generate reports in various formats such as Excel, PDF or CSV


Individual language selection for the user interface

The functions of the Transaction Monitoring module

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Customer segmentation to compare transactions based on the average of the segment


Availability of a wide range of rule groups, based on practical experience in the financial industry


A range of standard rules and configuration of individual rules according to your internal risk management and processes


Handling process for tracking and documenting alerts


Definition of dependencies and correlations between different rules


Detection of unusual payment flows over a certain period of time (e.g. smurfing)

About the download

A description of the solution, its benefits and features can also be downloaded as a PDF.

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Transaction Monitoring explained in a nutshell

Pythagoras Transaction Monitoring, the perfect solution for regulated financial institutions. Based on a comprehensive set of available customer and transaction data, our system provides a holistic overview. Integration with the Pythagoras Partner Screening (KYC) and Transaction Screening (AML) solutions extends functionality and improves risk detection. By defining "normal" scenarios, unusual activities can be easily identified. Our experts work closely with your compliance to analyze your business cases and risk management strategies. Based on these findings, we jointly develop individual sets of rules to identify risks in your business area. We flexibly adapt the rules, parameters and limits to your specific requirements, be it global, per segment or customer-specific, depending on the level of detail available in your data. Discover the power of Pythagoras Transaction Monitoring and optimize your risk management today.

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