Pythagoras - Partner of CGC Strategies 2023

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Jun 5, 2023 1:34:00 PM

Meet us at the hybrid CGC Strategies on 28 – 30 June 2023!

We are looking forward to this event with great anticipation.

We also look forward to exchanging and networking with 150+ live attendees from leading industry players in the DACH region.

According to the organiser we.connect, this business event is the most important for decision makers in the areas of corporate governance and compliance.

As a partner, we can offer you an exclusive discount code “BP30”. This way you save 30% when booking your conference ticket!

Get your ticket now !

You will meet our compliance experts at the Icebreaker Event, the Dinner and at our booth.

You will also have the opportunity to meet Hubert Krattinger and Moritz Moser-Böhm as speaker at the Challenge Your Peers Session.

On 30.06.2023, Fabian Finke, Co-CEO & Chairman of the Board of Pythagoras Ltd. will also be in Berlin and is looking forward to talking to you.

Reserve a 15-minute free and no-obligation expert talk with our compliance experts on site!


Challenge your Peers Session “ESG, LkSG & Sanctions Lists – The New Trinity?”

Hubert Krattinger – Attorney-at-Law & CCO of Pythagoras
Hubert Krattinger

Our compliance experts Hubert Krattinger, Attorney-at-Law & CCO and Moritz Moser-Böhm, Regulatory & ESG Consultant of Pythagoras will be speakers at the Challenge your peers session at CGC Strategies 2023 on 29 July 2023 in Berlin.

They will provide the latest insights on the topic of “ESG, LkSG & Sanction Lists – The New Trinity?” and answer questions from the participants! The results will be sent to them as a presentation by the end of the event.

The session can be seen live in Berlin as well as online via the digital event platform hubs:101.

We hope that you will be there.

Moritz Moser-Böhm – Regulatory & ESG Consultant der Pythagoras
Moritz Moser-Böhm - Regulatory & ESG Consultant der Pythagoras


The CGC Strategies 2023 Agenda

The core topics at CGC Strategies in Berlin will be:

– Compliance and the upcoming Association Sanctions Act.

– Strategy – from compliance to integrity

– Compliance risks in the international supply chain

– Compliance and digital transformation

Take a look at the agenda – see you on site in Berlin!


Let’s talk, even if you’re not coming to Berlin!

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