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It is easy to embed our solutions in existing IT systems

Whether Client Management System, Partner Screening or Transaction Monitoring: Integrating any of our solutions into existing IT systems is easy, fast and secure. They run on Microsoft servers with SQL platforms. Common file formats are used for internal data handling. No Internet connection is needed to use Pythagoras solutions. Deliberately designed to be resource-efficient, this independence also guarantees that our software provides maximum data security. At the same time, the system offers flexible scalability from a single-user to multi-user operation. When installing the solution, it’s your choice …


Stand-alone installation

Stand-alone installation allows only one user at a time to access the Pythagoras solutions. The software can be installed on a single computer or on one of your company’s servers.

Client-server installation

Client-server installation allows multiple users to access and work with the Pythagoras solutions simultaneously and from different locations. The system is installed on your own servers in your own security environment.

Hosted solution

We offer our solutions not only as a license model with stand-alone or client-server installation, but also as Software as a Service. If you opt for the SaaS model, our solutions are hosted in certified, highly secure data centers.